Walk the Talk!

Well, I got swamped by work, if it's an excuse for not posting for so long.
As I've been made redundant and I am sitting on my sorry ass, I logged in and loh and behold, the blog was still on! There was also a kind comment, thank you very much juicy fruiter!
Reading juicy fruiter's blog I remembered a holiday in Canada where I visited a beautiful park and a previous one in the US where I traipsed around parts of Big Sur. I do love natural havens and where I live there’s a beautiful forest, which I visit as often as I can (www.eppingforest.co.uk).
Walking is a cheap pleasure and it keeps you fit. And if you pick up some rubbish on the way, you are kind to the environment, too. I once picked some rubbish in a park and was called a litter picking angel by a mature lady!
Talking about rubbish, why oh why do people throw away so much good stuff? Also why dumping it in the street? Most councils collect big items for free and many dumps operate recycling practices, so why not call the council or visit the local dump? There are also some brilliant organisations. Locally, we have give and take (www.giveortake.org), where you advertise your stuff and people come and collect it, or if you need something, you can advertise in the wanted section. If you do/don’t live in London and want to recycle, visit http://www.frn.org.uk/ and find a local project for your unwanted household items. They collect too!

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