Here's one I made earlier

For the past ten years or so, I've been recycling fabric from various sources. For instance, the fabric for the E17 artwork was discarded by a seller of my local market. I suppose it was too short to be sold as an offcut! I picked it up, washed it and used it to make my textile artwork. It was the perfect colour, forest green, as the glorious Epping Forest! I think it was used for school uniforms as there's a local school that uses that colour.

This pretty wallhanging for my baby's room was made from curtain material (a leftover my partner gave me, it came from his old house), small pieces from various shop swatchbooks and a few bits and pieces from discarded things.
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100 uses for a plastic bag

Yes, I've been meaning to write a book with this mesmerising title. It would be very topical as all major supermarkets are trying to entice customers to recycle their plastic bags! The fact is that I've been recycling plastic bags for years now, although some of my uses might not be that orthodox. You might guess some of them: to store stuff in the freezer, to keep bread or a cake in an open tin fresh, to put shoes and dirty clothes in when I'm travelling, to carry my wet stuff after a swim, to put a dirty nappy in...

But there are other uses you might have not thought of, such as: to fill with cuttings from my garden to tip in the compost heap, to dispose of snails and slugs (which are eating my vegetables and flowers), to store compost and other stuff in the shed and to use as a head wrap when I'm dying my hair or doing some DIY.

I'm sure if I think hard there are other uses, but motherhood has softened my brain, so that's it folks. I'm open to suggestions, though!
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