Beautiful makes in paper and fabric

I created these items a few years ago. The decoupaged box is made of papier mache with Victorian-style decorations, cut from pretty wrapping paper.

The stationery box is made of papier mache with flower motifs decoupaged on its sides, top and three drawers. I cut the floral images from a pretty paper bag.

The tote is made from turquoise upholstery material with inserts of Chinese silk and vintage gold buttons from the swinging Sixties. Gold sequins create a glittering border for the inserts.

I'm still pondering what to make to sell online and considering that I have to post my items, the best option is to stick to fabric. Papier mache creations are fragile, time consuming and make your house smell of glue, paint and varnish.

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Selling crafts

I've been told that you can sell crafts on http://www.etsy.com/. Has anyone sold handmade items there? UK sellers have a great blog here at http://uketsysellers.blogspot.com/


Arts & Crafts in Danger

For months now, I have taken an active interest in the funding problems of the William Morris Gallery.

I'm a 'Friend' of the gallery and the membership is international. The council has cut the funding and the curator has been made redundant.

The Friends are worried that the collection will be endangered and the gallery will face closure in the future. At the moment things are in limbo and the opening days have been reduced.

There's a campaign going on and you can participate and/or make your views known at http://www.keepourmuseumsopen.org.uk/. When you're there, please sign the petition and find out what's going on.

I love Morris's designs and here's a wallhanging I made. Sandersons has bought his archive in the 1960s and is still manufacturing fabrics and wallpapers with his wonderful designs.


Trash to Treasures

I made the quilt and the bed spread using recycled fabrics and yarns (wool from old jumpers and a pair of curtains bought in a charity shop).

The quilt took a very long time to make and it's much in use in cold winter days. I snuggle into it to watch TV or to enjoy a good read.

The flower pattern has a vintage feel to it, while the blanket is old fashioned in execution as the squares and rectangles have been joined with a black crocheted border.

I wanted to include the quilt in a craft book I was pitching and I was told that people nowadays want quick and easy projects they can make in a weekend, so the quilt is out!

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Craftpeople unite

I'd love to find out who's creating and who's selling online. Calling all crafspeople. There are some great blogs out, I quite like the one called Nancy's Creative Mess

I wanna be global

I am writing this short update to be accepted by Technorati (Technorati Profile) and, hopefully, to be seen by more people (http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping). Check my previous posts and let me know what you think of my craft creations!