Beautiful makes in paper and fabric

I created these items a few years ago. The decoupaged box is made of papier mache with Victorian-style decorations, cut from pretty wrapping paper.

The stationery box is made of papier mache with flower motifs decoupaged on its sides, top and three drawers. I cut the floral images from a pretty paper bag.

The tote is made from turquoise upholstery material with inserts of Chinese silk and vintage gold buttons from the swinging Sixties. Gold sequins create a glittering border for the inserts.

I'm still pondering what to make to sell online and considering that I have to post my items, the best option is to stick to fabric. Papier mache creations are fragile, time consuming and make your house smell of glue, paint and varnish.

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caraex said...


I'm a fellow crafter - currently I'm into jewelry and I also sell on etsy. I've been thinking of getting back into applique - I used to do fabric appliques on clothing. I'm also interested in handmade paper and decoupage. I'm in Texas, USA.

Your boxes are beautiful! I don't know what shipping costs are in the UK, but they have really increased here. So, if you are planning on mailing/shipping your creations you might want to think about something a little smaller.

Best wishes!