Trash to Treasures

I made the quilt and the bed spread using recycled fabrics and yarns (wool from old jumpers and a pair of curtains bought in a charity shop).

The quilt took a very long time to make and it's much in use in cold winter days. I snuggle into it to watch TV or to enjoy a good read.

The flower pattern has a vintage feel to it, while the blanket is old fashioned in execution as the squares and rectangles have been joined with a black crocheted border.

I wanted to include the quilt in a craft book I was pitching and I was told that people nowadays want quick and easy projects they can make in a weekend, so the quilt is out!

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Bunc said...

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london-cheapskate said...

Thanks, I used to have some ads on and they have disappeared when I redesigned the blog. I have registered again.

Alma said...

I love what you did with the quilt. I'm not that handy when it comes to sewing, or at least with quilting. I've been thinking about learning a new hobby,and your quilt is inspiring.