Craving for crafting

Today I was longing to craft but all my materials are still boxed in the garage. So I rooted around the house and found some overgrown children's clothes that were so stained or otherwise ruined I had earmarked them for the rags' bag. I piled these sad specimens on the floor and considered various options: patchwork hanging/mat, Arlequin dress... Then I picked up a dress that was too small and had a stain just on the front. I measured it against my toddler and realised I could easily fix it for a new lease of life. All I needed to do was to replace the straps that were too short and create a motif to hide the stain. I rummaged into my bags of ribbons, found matching ones and sew this solution pretty quickly. Judge for yourself! I was so inspired by the result that I'm going to making more clothes!

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