Credit crunch cooking: frittelle di riso (rice fritters)

My partner loves rice so he cooks masses of it to go with his yummy curries. I like rice less so there is always a leftover rice box lurking in the fridge. As I hate waste, I went back to my cash-strapped childhood when Mum made delicious rice fritters for my brother and me. Here is my take on this traditional Italian dish...

200g leftover boiled rice, cooled
130g plain flour (plus a little bit for your hands)
150g grated cheese: traditionally it is Parmesan only but I mixed it with some grated Cheddar
3 eggs
salt and pepper to taste
frying oil

Add all ingredients to the cold rice, except for the oil, stir well till you get a gloopy mass. With floured hands, shape your fritters, then fry them in the hot oil in a suitable pan. If you use a non-stick one, you will need little oil. When golden on both sides, place your fritters on a plate covered by two sheets of kitchen paper (to soak the oil) and wrap with a sheet of foil to keep your fritters warm.

Buon Appetito!

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