My bosom buddy

As soon as I got pregnant my breasts ballooned - I gradually went from a 32C to a 40C. When my baby got on well with solids, my breasts started shrinking and I'm now a 36C. While on this boobyride, I bought different bras, then thought... hang on, there must be something I can rig up! Pictured above is my very own bosom buddy, a homemade extension for bras. It has been perfectly adequate as I have maintained the same cup size.

It's not a thing of beauty but it was made in a hurry with materials I already had (and as you can see from the state of the hooks/eyes, it has been well used). It's basically two elastic bands sown together with lots of hooks and eyes sown on. You can make it prettier by using a nicer elasticated band in a bold colour with perhaps contrasting hooks and eyes (ie a shocking pink band with black hooks/eyes or what about silver hooks and eyes on a cool blue band?).

If you get to make one, please send me piccies!

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