Happy New Year!

We spent the holidays in Cambridge as I had some work to do. My partner's parents came down for Christmas and Boxing Day and we had the planned Italian Xmas meal on the 26th. This year I sent a lot of ecards and reserved homemade cards for loved ones who didn't have access to the internet. Last year I made lots of them and I still had plenty of leftovers. In fact there are still some left for next year.

My mother in law brought a very festive homemade Christmas cake, complete with snowman, which was quite suitable since it had snowed more than usual during December.

The Italian meal went well, here is a picture of the festive table with the cooked meat, courtesy of Aldi. The menu was slightly different from my previous post.
We still had salmon and sliced cooked meats for starters, then fresh pasta with ragu sauce, roast beef with fried carrot sticks and tiramisu for dessert. We were too full to eat the cheeses and there was no room for panettone either.

I haven't made any New Year's resolutions but I'm hoping we can find a house and stop renting!
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