Posts in the pipeline...

The year has started well - I have been very busy, which means less time to blog here. In my day job I am digital copywriter, which in my case means writing web copy for corporates and features for parenting websites. My favourite job has been writing some food recipes, which I have developed, tested and photographed. They are soon to be fully loaded on Made For Mums.

Some of you might be awaiting my 'masterclass' on building a budget (but SEO friendly) website, which is also in the pipeline. My website currently appears on page 1 on Google (web and UK) if using keywords that relate to what I write about. I will post my top tips as soon as I have finished it.

Expect some recommendations of quality, value products, appearing next month!


Baglady pledge: toys out of trash

Since Michela discovered how versatile empty toilet rolls are I'm not allowed to throw any way. I know they are handy for planting seedlings on a tray, but Michela tells me they make great binoculars! This is how they looked before the binoculars got a coat of paint...

Inspired by preschool crafting, we have also made collages out of pictures from junk mail and old catalogues, built a 'home' kite out of a magazine cover...

We even built a telescope with a long kitchen roll tube! Galileo, eat your heart out! Join the baglady campaign... find out more here.


New Year resolution - update on Baglady pledge

http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_M2qHFyjWJow/TQpm093JLLI/AAAAAAAAAgQ/KBAcsOS52xo/s1600/baglady.jpgSo... I pledged (along with my daughter) to reuse and make do as much as we can. Below are our creations....

Open mittens, knitted from wool lying around in a bag
Aside the mittens, which didn't take long for me to knit as I doubled the yarn and used big needles, we also made a telescope out of a kitchen towel roll and two pairs of binoculars, one for Michela (two toilet rolls joined and with a piece of string to hang around her neck and two mini crackers' rolls joined and with a piece of string for her bear). A tube belonging to some used-up wrapping paper made a great cock horse, which Michela decorated with collage motifs and topped with an old sock to make the head. They don't look great but hours of play so far from these scraps!

Happy New Recycled Year! Scroll down the blog for some recycling tips... including leftovers recipes.