Reuse and recycle: knitting

Knitted squares joined with a needle and yarn with a crocheted border
I have started knitting again on a regularish basis. If you go back a few posts, you can spot toddler mittens, a hat - then you have to go back a long while to find my older projects, such as the blanket above. 

I used to knit a lot in the 1980s, mostly jumpers with complicated patterns, then I had less time on my hands and knitting became an occasional craft. The blanket above reignited my interest but it took me two years to make (it's a generous double bed size). 

When I bought my first home in 2002 I started to craft again, basically soft furnishings and curtains. Prior to this, it was mostly a vicarious pleasure as I freelanced for Prima, which has craft pages and supplements. Buying a house made me realise I could save money using my crafting skills. This practical outlook continued in my second house and in my two rented abodes (no doubt it will become stronger when I buy house number three). The projects became more personalised - I didn't want to make curtains for a house I was renting for a short period!

I'm now knitting a maxi cardi for my daughter. I find magazine patterns puzzling so I tend to make my own, besides I couldn't find the design I wanted. I'm using yarn in various colours because I'm using leftover yarn and odd bits and bobs from charity shops. However I've recently bought 'proper' yarn for future projects and was given some too! I have three bags of white, salmon and greeny blue yarns. I'm not sure what I am going to do with them - I like using 5mm needles so I will need to double the yarn up, which means more yarn to make anything.... It's a sign of how busy life is when I can't face using smaller knitting needles....

Knitted Online

I have chanced upon a site called Knitted Online, whose statement is:
Knitted Online makes custom knitwear for you at high street prices. Create a design from scratch or browse items from fellow users. If one of your designs is purchased we'll pay you a 5% comission. Have a look around and if you're feeling inspired, start knitting online.

Basically you can buy knitted items, commission them or sell your own. I think you must be quite fast as a knitter if you want to make a gain, so it's not really for me but it could suit nimbler fingers... Or you can buy something special for a unique present. Let's say it, a lot of high-street knits are pretty dull....

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