New Year's recycling resolutions

Transition Cambridge: one of my fave green groups in Cambridge

My 2012 New Year's  recycling resolutions haven't changed much from last year - I'm still keen on creative recycling and making do/mend. There are various green groups in Cambridge and my favourites are Cambridge  Carbon Footprint (click on the name to read about the Eco Home Event 2011, which is coming back this year) and Transition Cambridge (link in caption).

The reason why I'm featuring Transition Cambridge is that I have been to a few cracking events last year and have already attended two fab ones this year! Last weekend I went to the Swishing Party on Saturday and the Seedy Sunday (on Sunday) and had a great time. I swapped clothes that I wasn't wearing for some great practical pieces and then gathered enough seeds to keep me going in the garden for the whole year (while donating seeds I wouldn't use). The Sunday event is one of my favourite family outings as it's indoors, offers lots of information on gardening, a free seed swap and lovely cakes from the WI bakers. These fun events have also a fundraising aim as monetary donations are encouraged.

So what am I going to do this year in the recycling 'department'?
I have several projects lined up, some involving furniture revamps (to be featured on the 1930s house blog) and others of a more domestic nature (featured here).

It will be the first year I will see my garden going through the seasons (we moved in late summer last year) and after several years of renting we will finally be able to organise our veg plot to our liking. Rental houses come with nearly fully stocked gardens - I couldn't really uproot plants or change the layouts.

This week I am planning to go to a craft group. I will be knitting a poncho, so watch out for a free pattern soon.

Happy crafting/recycling to everybody!

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