Safe Refuge in Cambridge - open every Saturday 30 June to 15 September

In Cambridge city there is a safe place for people who party too hard, have a mishap while painting the town red or need a toilet at night. Please pass this around...

Safe Refuge provides somewhere safe and welcoming where you can:
• Chill out and recover from any overindulgence
• Have a hot or cold drink in peace and quiet
• Sit and chat
• Get practical help such as arranging transport home
• Access First Aid
• Use toilet facilities

The Safe Refuge is at St Columba’s Church on the corner of Downing Street and Downing Place:
• Open 10pm to 4am on each Saturday from 30th June to15th Sept
Anyone can use it. The Safe Refuge teams will also come and help
anyone nearby. You can help someone get to the Safe Refuge by:
• Giving them directions
• Bringing them to us
• Asking another agency (e.g. Police, Street Pastors) to help
bring them to us
• Calling the Safe Refuge using the Cambac radio or 07906 954 970
to see if we can come and collect them or provide support where
they are
The Safe Refuge is operated by Hope Cambridge and supported by the
Cambridge Community Safety Partnership, Cambac, Cambridge Street
Pastors and Hyline Security.

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