Hello, long time, no see!

Dinner in my revamped summerhouse/shed, 
furnished by recycled/upcycled items. I only bought
the external paint, the internal paint was a leftover.

I had a very busy time and neglected all of my blogs, including this one, my very first! Looking at the statistics, I still get readers, despite the lack of updates, so thank you for stopping by and feel free to leave a comment and/or a link to your blog!

Aside gardening, I have kept up my recycling interests by attending Carbon Cambridge Footprint and Transition Cambridge events (I recommend the Swishing, Food Disco and, Seed Exchange events, their Open Eco Homes - I lent a PR hand for two campaigns) and recently joined a gardening project (follow this link to find the organiser's email).

So I swapped seeds, got ideas to use leftovers, acquired a few items of clothing, harvested a few veg, all free! The Seed Swapping events have a very small admission charge, but as it goes to the charity, it doesn't count!

So if you live in Cambridge, I hope to see you at one of these green events, you can learn something too. I haven't still managed to attend the Green University, but I would love to know how to fix my bike - here is my article: Pedal Power for all, full of family tips.

Last but not least, if you live not far from Victoria Road, please join this new Skills Exchange: http://www.cambridgeskills-exchange.co.uk/.

Have a good summer, I am already picking apples - everything is early this year!