Creative recycling: central heating copper pipe, scrap silver & rough emerald

Butterfly brooch and lily pad ring - with original pipe
Ink sketch effect of my copper jewellery set

I believe in creative recycling even when I am making jewellery. These two statement pieces were made using copper from a salvaged central heating pipe (from my own central heating system, I have not raided a skip). The butterfly brooch has silver antenna and pin, while the lily pad ring matches a pair of silver and gold earrings I made earlier on.

The silver circles on the ring are made of recycled scrap silver (melted into a ball and hammered into the size of a tiny watch battery) and a rough emerald (one of those they send you with certain junk mail offers - yes they are real but not precious).

Why am I posting this? Two reasons: to show people you can turn trash into a treasure and to enter a competition organised by http://www.ableskills.co.uk/.


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