Recycling rubbish!

Courtesy of Empty Common Garden's blog

I like to think I believe in the Rs of recycling: Retrieve, reinvent, reuse (first mentioned here in this Community Garden Blog). In this instance I am not retrieving from a river but from the blue bin. I have been recycling:

  • plastic fruit punnets to use as cloches on pots in the greenhouse, also soda bottles cut in half as ground cloches
  • plastic packaging to pick up cat poos in the garden
  • toilet rolls to make planters (just stand on a plastic tray)
  • small plastic containers to store seeds
  • ice cream wooden sticks to label plants (you can write on them with a pencil) and chopsticks saved from sushi restaurant visits (you can write on top fat bit)....
Other ideas I have:

  • re-using teabags and coffee grounds as mulch
  • keep nut shells to scatter in raised bed as they deter snails
  • oranges' and lemons' netting could protect a small plant from pigeons
  • use grass cuttings to deter weeds
  • use moss growing among my grass to line hanging baskets as it keeps moisture
  • keep stones I find when digging up in the ground to hold moisture for potted plants
  • use raspberry and blackcurrant leaves for making tea
  • Encourage mint plants so I can use their leaves fresh or dried to make tea
  • Use nettles in compost bin to encourage compost making (and wee if I can pee in a pot - as shown on Gardeners' World not long ago)
  • Keep the pond clean as frogs are saving me a fortune in slug pellets
More ideas to come! Happy gardening.... Here is a cute idea from Charlotte, who is the Empty Common Garden's Coordinator.... More ideas are on that blog.