Summer projects

School is out, so family crafting is back - indoors and outdoors. Michela, aged 10, produced these masterpieces so far.

The butterfly mobile is very cute, we got the idea from a children's centre activity. It's a fun way to recycle packaging. Inside the open dice, the butterflies hang from pretty ribbons.

She also made a Lego chick and this wonderful painting at the Fitzwilliam Museum's Art Week. The glue featured is Gorilla Glue, which bonds a variety of materials, including paper! We got this sample from a friendly PR and we are now wondering what to do with it next.


Watch strap hack - with loom bands

Fixing a watch strap

My watch strap's loops broke... the tongue bit kept flipping up and getting caught in things. So I took a black loom band, doubled it and secured the strap end back. No need to replace the watch strap yet...


Make a trendy skirt from a man's suit jacket

For best results, use a large jacket. My partner is on the slim side so I added a small panel at the back. The pocket on the back comes from the inside of the jacket. There is also another internal pocket inside. 


Snow ice cream or Italian granita with snow...

As it is snowing, here is my recipe of snow ice cream. Do not use compact snow unless you want it slushy... You can find the recipe on my parenting blog...